Student Loan Debt Relief


Have you fallen behind on your student loans?

If the answer yes, there are student loan debt relief options available to you. Defaulting on your student loan may have severe adverse long-term implications on your future finances. In addition to going after your co-signers, private loan lenders may also  report your delinquencies to credit bureaus making it much more difficult to purchase a home or car in the future. Even obtaining a credit card may be that much more challenging to obtain.

When you default on your private student loans, lenders may demand that you pay back the entire default amount at once. Failure to do so may result in wage garnishments and other lawsuits against you. It is important to keep in mind that in order for a lender to garnish your wages, it has to go through the court system. During this types of situations, the help of an experienced student loan debt relief attorney is particularly important. In addition to pursuing legal action against you for outstanding student loan payments, lenders may also take action against your co-signers. In fact, going after co-signers are often times favored by loan lenders simply because there is a possibility that they may have a better chance of recovering missed payments from co-singers based on their financial stability.

Private loan lenders will also report defaulted loan payments to credit bureaus which may affect your credit score.

How We Can Help You With Student Loan Debt Relief:

  • Determining if your student loan repayment installments can be reduced.
  • Creating an effective repayment strategy to get out of debt.
  • Providing aggressive defense against creditor lawsuits.
  • Establish if you qualify for student loan debt payment programs for reducing or eliminating student loan debt.
  • Taking legal action against  your student loan lender, servicer, guarantor, or debt collectors if they have violated any of the laws governing your student loan rights.
  • Putting an end to abusive and harassing debt collection conduct, even if that means suing the creditor.

These are just a few of the ways that our student loan debt relief attorneys can help you overcome worrisome student loan. Keep in mind that each situation is unique and our student loan debt relief lawyers will think outside the box to come up with solutions to best suit your student loan debt relief circumstances.


Another effective student loan debt relief strategy is debt settlement. This is a process whereby you offer to settle your debt for a significantly reduced amount. This amount is based on what you can afford. Our private loan debt settlement attorneys will:

  • Negotiate on your behalf with lenders and debt collectors.
  • Review your finances to determine your eligibility for repayment programs.
  • Advise you on your options.