Small Business Debt Consolidation

Advantages and disadvantages of Small Business Debt Consolidation

Most businesses whether small, individually owned or large corporations all have problems with business loan repayments.  It is always justifiable to seek capital improve and grow your business by taking a small business loan but if you fail to pay back or default on your payments, there is a risk of losing your business.

Small business debt consolidation could be the solution to your financial problems if you are failing to meet your payments and your business is struggling.

Small business debt consolidation can used by individuals and businesses alike.  It entails consolidating various loans into a single  more manageable loan with a lower interest rate. You take a single loan to repay several other smaller loans. There are advantages and disadvantages to small business debt consolidation.

Advantages of Small Business Debt Consolidation

  • You make payment to one creditor who disperses funds to other small creditors.It also ensures that you do not miss payment to any one of your smaller creditors.
  • Some of these companies are non profit and will offer you very low rates if you qualify
  • You do not have to deal with different  creditors calling you for payment all the time.This will give you more time to focus on improving your business.
  • You are likely to be paying a much lower interest rate.With lower repayments you have less chances of defaulting and possibly increase profits.

Disadvantages of Small Business Debt Consolidation

  • You may be paying a lower interest but the term of payment may increase, so it may take longer to pay off the loan.   Although it may sound good at the time, some businesses end up paying more in the long run.
  • This is a temporary solution to a long term problem and you may need to implement cutbacks going forward and look at ways to increase revenue.

Selecting the Best Option for your Business

It is important to learn about the different options available to small businesses struggling with overwhelming debt. You want to look at lower interest rates as well as protecting your personal assets such property and other collateral.

You want to keep away from secured loans. If you fail to pay you may end up losing your collateral.  It is important to look at different consolidation companies as some of them are not always honest. When you have chosen your debt consolidation company you need to look at the different types of loans that will suit you.  

In some cases, small business debt consolidation may not be the best route for your business. Speak to our experienced business debt relief lawyers to find out more about:

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