Reduce Business Debt

At, our team of experienced business debt relief lawyers has helped many struggling businesses successfully reduce business debt. Some of the most common business debt include:

Does My Company Qualify To Reduce Business Debt?

In order to reduce business debt, the owner must be able to demonstrate that the business is experiencing legitimate financial distress. In addition, the business must be in the position  to access funds for repayment. In cases where debt reduction is not an option, the lender may be able work out a payment structure on the full balance so that it can be paid without significant hardship to the debtor.

Debt Collectors For Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loans

Defaulting on business loans and merchant cash advance payments can result in the finances of your business rapidly spiraling out of control.  High rates, miscellaneous fees and collection fees as well as penalties can have a detrimental effect on your credit score. Often times, business owners feel like they have no option other than filing bankruptcy.

Most lender have little regard for the financial hardship of businesses and will even hire debt collectors to call at your home and business, write letters and may even sue you for payment. Some lenders may even engage in unlawful collection activities in order to obtain payment.

If you feel that your lender has pursued illegal debt collection activities against you, please get in touch with our qualified business debt relief lawyers today. You may be entitled to claim damages.

What Our Business Debt Relief Lawyers Do

The financial situation of each business is different. Our business debt relief lawyers will assess your situation and recommend debt relief strategies that is best for your business. Remember, your initial consultation with one of our experienced debt relief attorneys is free!