How Much Do Debt Relief Attorneys Charge?

Debt relief attorneys fees depend on the type of service you require. Debt relief lawyers offer several types of services to help debtors with their financial problems. In the vast majority of cases, a debt relief lawyer will negotiate a debt, help you file bankruptcy or provide other types of debt relief services. Debt relief lawyers fees depend on:

  • The type of debt relief service you require.
  • You specific financial situation.

How much do debt relief attorneys charge is based on the debt relief strategy that is best for you. Some of the most common debt relief services include:


  • A rate per hour.
  • A flat fee based on how many creditors you have.
  • A percentage of the debt that you owe.
  • A percentage of how much you save.

Hourly fees.  You may be charged an hourly fee to account for the time your attorney takes to negotiate with your creditors.

Flat fee. A flat fee may be charged to negotiate with all or some of your creditors. Generally, the flat fee will depend on the number as well as the type of debt you need to be settled.

Percentage of your debt.  In some instances, the attorneys fees will be calculated according to a percentage of what you owe.

Percentage based on your savings. In some cases, the attorney will charge you based on the amount that you save through the debt settlement agreement. This type of arrangement can be beneficial if the percentage is reasonable. In addition, it gives the attorney an extra incentive to save you as much as possible.


The most commonly filed consumer bankruptcy is a Chapter 7. When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are asking the Court to eliminate most of your unsecured debt. The attorneys fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually paid before your case is filed.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires a portion of your attorneys fees to paid upfront. The remainder of which can be included in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan.

Fees for both a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are determined by the Court and vary per state.

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