Hire An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer


When you are considering bankruptcy, it is essential that you hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who is competent and has  the ability to guide you through the bankruptcy process. Previously, it was quite simple to file bankruptcy without a lawyer or pro se if it was a straightforward case. Debtors were able to purchase forms, fill them out, file them with the clerk and go to court. The process was much easier back then, particularly for an individual debtor without an attorney. Unless there were a substantial amount of assets to administer, the filer was most likely to have their case heard and brought to a conclusion promptly. Nowadays, although many individuals do file without an attorney, the change in bankruptcy law has made this process significantly arduous.

Change in Bankruptcy Law – 2005

When bankruptcy law changed in October 2005, the bankruptcy procedure became much more difficult for filers, trustees, judges and bankruptcy attorneys. With the new pre and post filing requirements in place, it is important to be mindful of timing and what you say at your 341 creditor’s meeting.

Hire an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

Like all things in life, experience matters. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will know when and how to file, and also how to prepare your bankruptcy petition. If you have assets that can be seized by the trustee, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer will be able to point it out immediately. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will be able to advise you of the federal and state exemptions applicable to you. If you file pro se and are not familiar with the law, you may risk losing valuable property. The value of you property will also determine if you should file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is one of the most important decisions you will have to make during the bankruptcy process.

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