Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys


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When filing your bankruptcy case, it is always recommended to seek out legal counsel. However, finding a cheap bankruptcy attorney is require substantial research, and can be both time consuming and frustrating. The Internet is inundated with “cheap” bankruptcy attorneys. Unless you have been through the bankruptcy process before, finding an affordable and experienced bankruptcy attorney can be challenging. When seeking out cheap bankruptcy attorneys, it is essential to know the difference between a bankruptcy preparer and a bankruptcy attorney. Furthermore, be sure not to fall prey to bankruptcy mills.

Bankruptcy Attorneys or Petition Preparers?

Both bankruptcy lawyers and petition planners offer assistance to debtors who wish to file bankruptcy. However, a bankruptcy petition preparers fees may be significantly less than that of a bankruptcy attorney. Here’s why: a good way to think of it is to think about the difference between a doctor and a nurse. The petition preparer being the nurse in this scenario, can only act as a typing service put together your petition under your direct supervision. A petition preparer cannot give you legal advice and cannot act as your legal counsel in during case you, similarly a to how a nurse can prepare you for surgery, but only the surgeon can perform the actual surgery.. Some of the tasks that only lawyers can do include:

  • Provide advise pertaining to whether you should file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Tell you what debts will be discharged.
  • Provide legal counsel at Court hearings.
  • Advise you on how bankruptcy exemptions may allow you safeguard certain assets.

A bankruptcy attorney on the other hand, in addition to preparing your bankruptcy petition, can provide legal advice and represent you in your bankruptcy case from start to finish. Bankruptcy attorneys

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys: Bankruptcy Mills

A bankruptcy mill is characterized as a high volume law firm that provides low quality legal services to its clients. In many instances, when dealing with a bankruptcy mill, you will most likely speak with an intake specialist as opposed to an actual bankruptcy attorney. As a result, you may receive incorrect legal advice. Furthermore, bankruptcy mills are often guilty of scantily prepared bankruptcy petitions. A combination of bad legal advice and an improper bankruptcy petition may severely delay your case, leaving you in a worst situation that you may have been prior to filing your case. Some other signs of a bankruptcy mill include:

  • Excessive advertising.
  • Limited or no contact between the attorney and client.
  • Uniform petition preparing – no personalized attention.
  • Failure to submit documents on your behalf timeously to the Court.

Using the phrase “cheap bankruptcy attorney” as a search criteria may not always work to your advantage. If it seems to good to be true, it most likely is.