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Can Capital Asset Servicing is a provider of alternative business funding. Based in New York City, the company also provides merchant cash advances and business loans to entrepreneurs. In fact, Can Capital claims to be the first provider of Merchant Cash Advances and has assisted small business in accessing over $6 billion of working capital.

Are you applying for small business loan?

Many large banks will limit consideration to companies with at least many years of operating history, strong profits, and oftentimes requiring backing by a personal guarantor with positive credit when underwriting loans. While it can be  tempting to take advantage of Can Capital’s easy financing, it’s important to understand the costs, repayment structure, and consequences of default.

Have you defaulted on your business loan payments?

If you have fallen behind on behind on your business loans payments, you may have the option to renegotiate the terms of your loan, reduce your business debt and even settle your debt for a substantially lower amount.

Negotiate Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loans

If you borrowed funds from a Merchant Cash Advance lender or obtained finance from alternative lenders, get in touch with our attorneys to find out how we help small businesses reduce overwhelming business debt through debt negotiation and focus on growing their company.

Our Business Debt Relief Lawyers

After thoroughly analyzing the details of your case, our attorneys will create a strategy  to help you overcome overwhelming business loan debt. Schedule your free consultation today. We understand how intimidating aggressive commercial debt collectors can be, and we can help reduce collections calls that you receive. Let us use our skills to help you get relief from crippling business debt so you can focus on growing your business.