Business Debt Relief Services

Business Debt Relief Services and Restructuring

Business Debt Relief Lawyers

Are you falling behind on your business loan payments, merchant cash advance or other debts owed? If the answer is yes, contact Shipkevich Attorneys at Law, PLLC. Our seasoned business debt relief lawyers will aide you if you have defaulted on business loans, merchant cash advances or are struggling with other financial debts as a business owner.

Having an eye for industry trends, our firm has recognized a strong increase in business owners looking for assistance in facing lawsuits for cash advances and other business debts. Our lawyers are strong negotiators that will defend your best interests. It is crucial to take action right away. If your business defaults on the repayment agreement, you can be sued.

Business Credit Cards, Lines of Credit & Unsecured Loans

Banks and lenders try to attack business debts by sending the account to an internal or third party collection agency. Some banks and lenders also utilize law firms to file a lawsuit. In a lot of situations, the business has signed a personal guarantee. In turn, that allows the lender to go after an individual, the business owner.

An attorney here at Shipkevich can help you with a pre-litigation settlement where you as the borrower shows desire to resolving debt. By doing so, the lender may keep communication open and halt on collecting repayment through litigation. If a settlement is reached, there is a chance to avoid a business loan lawsuit and in result benefit from a reduction in principal owed, interest and fees owed.

Merchant Cash Advance and Business Cash Advance

A business, or merchant cash advance provides you with a lump sum of cash in advance for exchange of credit card sales. When a merchant cash advance is taken, you and the lender agree upon a percentage of each transaction to be given to the lender until the debt is repaid.

One of our business debt relief lawyers will restructure your debt in order to help you get back on top. The lawyer will advocate for you and work with the cash advance company to reduce the percentage owed on each transaction. In turn, you will have more money at your disposal to focus on growing and excelling your business.

Small Business Administration Loan Debts

A small business administration loan, or SBA for short, is a loan that is given to help business acquire capital and get the business running. An SBA loan can help businesses develop their product, buy materials and even go toward rent. If you have an SBA loan and are unable to make the payments, it could result in the shutdown of your business.

With the assistance of a debt relief attorney, your SBA loan can be diminished without the thought of filing for bankruptcy. Although filing for bankruptcy can be a good option for some businesses, it can temporarily hurt your credit score and make it difficult to get a business loan down the road. An SBA loan can be completely wiped out or paid off in 6 to 36 months. In such a short turnaround time, it allows you to focus on the future growth of your business without the extra stress of unaffordable payments.

Vendor and Professional Debts

If you owe money to any vendors or professional services, there’s a chance that it will hurt your business financially. Without your vendors providing resources fundamental to running your business, you will face loss and even develop a negative reputation.

Our debt relief attorneys are able to work with your vendors and professional services to get you back on track and keep your business running, successfully.

Business/Corporate Turnaround

The lawyers at Shipkevich pride themselves for being well versed in all areas of bankruptcy and debt settlement, whether personal or business related. If you are feeling as though your business is financially troubled, our business debt relief attorneys can assess your finances and find ways to restructure or reduce outstanding debts, loans, cash advances and more.

Well Rounded Business Debt Relief Lawyers

With the assistance of our dedicated business debt relief attorneys you can help negotiate your debt into a plan that works for both you and the creditor. Our debt relief attorneys will stand strong in negotiations to develop a well structure payment plan that allows you to focus on your business’ growth and development, while reassuring payment to vendors and service professionals. When payments are spread over a course of time, you get to utilize business profits to be innovative and promote success within your industry.

Contact us today to receive your free consultation with a well versed and devoted business debt relief attorney. Call Shipkevich, PLLC today!